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The 39 Steps  
Ames Center The 39 Steps
This clever comic stage adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller The 39 Steps turns a handful of actors into more than 150 zany characters with a mix of film-noir panache, spy-novel thrills and more than a touch of Monty Python-esque absurdity. The two-time winner of both Tony and Drama Desk Awards, The 39 Steps is a fast-paced and funny whodunit about a man accused of a murder he didn't commit, who flees from the authorities and encounters a string of hair-raising adventures, as well as an unlikely love connection. Join just four talented actors from the Chameleon Theatre Circle as they reenact the entire story on the black-box theater stage at the Ames Center, gleefully portraying the many spies, villains and other intriguing characters that inhabit this action- and laugh-packed world.
Anna In The Tropics  
Jungle Theatre Anna In The Tropics
Anna in the Tropics comes alive with love, revenge and passion as a Cuban-American family eagerly awaits the arrival of a lector to read to employees at their cigar factory. When he introduces them to Anna Karenina, the Tampa factory starts to mirror the scandalous Russian aristocracy of Tolstoy's classic. Director Kokernot explains, "There is an exquisite tension in the play as these characters and their factory stand on the precipice of change - Juan Julian, the lecturer, is both a catalyst and the last vestige of this world which honors the art of taking time."
Booty and the Beast: A Tinderella Story  
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre Booty and the Beast: A Tinderella Story
Relationships of all kinds are the focus of this sketch comedy revue by the experts at Brave New Workshop - so get your dating app of choice fired up, set your text messages to "No Preview," and enjoy our 294th comedy revue: "Booty and the Beast: A Tinderella Story"!
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Camelot
During medieval times in the idyllic land of Camelot, Arthur rules as a wise, compassionate king who dreams of building the greatest kingdom the world has ever known, one in which knowledge and wit reign supreme over brute force. Guenevere, Arthur's beloved queen, encourages Arthur to establish the Knights of the Round Table. As the Knights and their chivalry grow in fame, the dashing Lancelot arrives in Camelot and a deep bond unites the three. But all is not well in Camelot where secrets and friction begin to emerge. Merlin warns Arthur of impending plots. Schemes to thwart the throne and ultimate betrayal challenge Arthur's dreams. Can Camelot be saved?
Theatre in the Round Deathtrap
Playwright Sidney Bruhl is struggling to overcome a dry spell and a string of failures when a student in his writing seminar turns in a script that he knows would be a surefire hit on Broadway. Prepared to do anything it takes to get that script, he invites the student to his home and from that point on, the suspense mounts steadily, with twists and turns that build to the final, startling moments of the play.
Dr. Seuss' The Sneetches  
Children's Theatre Company Dr. Seuss' The Sneetches
On Sneetch Beach, there's a line in the sand-Star Bellies on one side, Plain Bellies on the other. That's the way it is, was, and will be. At least until the sneaky and greedy Sylvester Monkey McBean comes to town with his Star On machine. Suddenly, the difference between the haves and the have nots-those with stars and those without-isn't so clear. What will the Sneetches do now? In this rousing and inventive musical adaptation of Dr. Seuss' powerful parable about the surface things that divide us, it will take a courageous friendship between an unlikely pair of Sneetches to find the answers.
Nina Simone: Four Women  
Park Square Theatre Nina Simone: Four Women
Against the explosive backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement, Nina Simone: Four Women examines the sustained violence against African-American women that has contributed to feelings of marginalization and self-loathing, behavioral problems, and mental illness-issues that have never been easy to discuss within any community. Compounded by shame, embarrassment, and disenfranchisement, these issues have too often been passed on from one generation to the next. Ms. Simone's music, rooted in social activism, gives voice to these issues that have roiled African-American and minority communities.
Til Death: A Marriage Musical  
Art House North Til Death: A Marriage Musical
On the heels of a nearly sold-out run, the perfectly perfect Valentine's Day musical comedy returns to St. Paul's Art House North. Created by Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble, who also star, 'Til Death finds a couple firmly ensconced in a midlife crisis, who become trapped in a tiny cabin with another duo (husband-and-wife Ben Bakken & Maureen Sherman-Mendez) who just happen to be on their happy honeymoon. The show also stars real-life couples Alec Leonard and Sharayah Bunce, and Joy and Michael Pearce Donley. Enjoy cupcakes and fresh-roasted coffee, included as part of the fun.