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Big Money  
Sandbox Theatre at Park Square Theatre Big Money
For over a year, Michael Larson devoted his life to studying the Press Your Luck! game board -- he quit his job, he filled his living room with televisions and video cassette recorders, he pored over thousands of hours of episodes convinced he could crack the code... And then he did. On May 19th, 1984, Michael Larson shocked American audiences by winning an unprecedented $110,000 in a single game. This January, Sandbox Theatre will share this man's obsession to beat the odds and win the cash in Big Money.
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Camelot
During medieval times in the idyllic land of Camelot, Arthur rules as a wise, compassionate king who dreams of building the greatest kingdom the world has ever known, one in which knowledge and wit reign supreme over brute force. Guenevere, Arthur's beloved queen, encourages Arthur to establish the Knights of the Round Table. As the Knights and their chivalry grow in fame, the dashing Lancelot arrives in Camelot and a deep bond unites the three. But all is not well in Camelot where secrets and friction begin to emerge. Merlin warns Arthur of impending plots. Schemes to thwart the throne and ultimate betrayal challenge Arthur's dreams. Can Camelot be saved?
Flower Drum Song  
Park Square Theatre Flower Drum Song
With a cast of 17 and featuring beloved songs such as "I Enjoy Being A Girl," "I Am Going To Like It Here," "Don't Marry Me," and "Chop Suey,"Flower Drum Song touches the history of every person whose forbearers once arrived as strangers to these shores of the United States.
Million Dollar Quartet  
Old Log Theater Million Dollar Quartet
The musical captures the memorable day when four Rock n' Roll greats made music history. On December 4, 1956, an auspicious twist of fate brought together Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Elvis Presley at Sun Records' storefront studio in Memphis, TN. The man who made it happen was the "Father of Rock'n'Roll," Sam Phillips, who discovered them all. This was the only occasion the four legends-to-be played together, and it has come to be known as one of the greatest rock jam sessions of all time.
Silent Sky  
Lyric Arts Main Street Stage Silent Sky
Silent Sky is the true story of how a group of extraordinary women banded together to find a way to measure the universe while overcoming adversity. Set in the early 1900s, Silent Sky follows Henrietta Leavitt, an aspiring scientist who joins the Harvard Observatory's all-female "human computer" team. Once there, however, she finds the women are kept behind the scenes and told to keep their ideas and theories to themselves. As Henrietta navigates these impossible waters, she tries to keep her personal life and family obligations in focus. This powerful production from Lyric Arts examines a woman's place in professional society during a time of both historic discovery and endless oppression.
A View from the Bridge  
Theatre in the Round A View from the Bridge
Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman living in Brooklyn, and his loving wife Beatrice have raised their niece Catherine from childhood. She is becoming a young woman when the Carbones open their home to Marco and Rudolpho, Beatrice's cousins from Sicily. When romance blossoms between Rudolpho and Catherine, Eddie's world implodes, leading to chaos, betrayal, and violence in this classic tragedy by Arthur Miller.
What the Elf?!  
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre What the Elf?!
As we all look forward to the giant "RESET" button that is 2017, we just have one more hill to get over - the upcoming holiday season. This year, bring the family you've been violently disagreeing with on Facebook to beautiful downtown Minneapolis and laugh together at "The Brave New Workshop's 2016 Holiday Revue: What the Elf?!" We'll have signature drinks, hilarity for all, and of course, our own special version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."