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Orpheum Theatre Cabaret
Step out of the modern world and into the glittering underworld of pre-WWII Berlin to join the fun of the infamous Kit Kat Klub, where the music is always tantalizing and the drinks flow endlessly. Direct from Broadway, Cabaret, the Tony-winning masterpiece of musical theater, comes to you from Sam Mendes (Skyfall, American Beauty) and Rob Marshall (Into the Woods, Chicago). Lose yourself in a story of lives intertwining as a cabaret singer, an ex-pat American writer and other misfits and outcasts of Weimar-era Berlin come together to escape the sinister shadow of World War II. Featuring memorable songs like "Cabaret," "Wilkommen" and "Maybe This Time," you won't want to miss this Broadway production of Cabaret at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis.
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Camelot
During medieval times in the idyllic land of Camelot, Arthur rules as a wise, compassionate king who dreams of building the greatest kingdom the world has ever known, one in which knowledge and wit reign supreme over brute force. Guenevere, Arthur's beloved queen, encourages Arthur to establish the Knights of the Round Table. As the Knights and their chivalry grow in fame, the dashing Lancelot arrives in Camelot and a deep bond unites the three. But all is not well in Camelot where secrets and friction begin to emerge. Merlin warns Arthur of impending plots. Schemes to thwart the throne and ultimate betrayal challenge Arthur's dreams. Can Camelot be saved?
The Church Basement Ladies in Rise Up, O Men  
Plymouth Playhouse The Church Basement Ladies in Rise Up, O Men
Sixth in the Church Basement Ladies series, Rise Up, O Men is a brand new musical comedy featuring the men of the church and your favorite church basement ladies who serve them. As these hard-working farmers discuss their scrap lumber piles and benefits of weld vs solder, they unintentionally disrupt the order of the kitchen. But that's what happens when you let the rooster in the hen house.
Deer Camp: The Musical  
Camp Bar Deer Camp: The Musical
This comedy of camaraderie follows four fearless hunters on their annual trek to deer camp. After 15 years of similar hunting trips into these Minnesota woods, the guys still haven't brought home a single deer. And this season they need to prove themselves to their wives and bring one home, or else there will be no more trips allowed in the future. But it's just not that easy when drinking beer trumps freezing in a deer stand. This Actors Theater of Minnesota production of Deer Camp: The Musical features hilarious songs about wives, grunt horns, coupon clipping, beer, bingo players and more. Come on out to The Cabaret at CAMP Bar and laugh along as these "mighty" hunters hatch a plan to bring home a deer by any means necessary.
Elephant and Piggie's We Are in a Play!  
Children's Theatre Company Elephant and Piggie's We Are in a Play!
Let's talk about the elephant in the room, Gerald is no good at dancing. But the pessimistic pachyderm has the help of his perky pal Piggie to teach him how. The melodic musings of this dynamic duo make for one grand day at the theatre as Elephant and Piggie put on a show where we learn the important responsibilities of being a good friend. Based on The New York Times best-selling book series by Mo Willems, Elephant & Piggie's We Are in a Play! is a jazzy, jolly, and joyful vaudevillian romp of a musical that will leave you tickled pink. Complete with the nutty back-up singers, The Squirelles, get ready for this raucous dance party that will have the whole theatre "Flippy Floppy Floory"!
Finding Fish  
Illusion Theater Finding Fish
Part myth, part science fiction, Carlyle Brown's Finding Fish takes place in a future when food is scarce and the oceans have been nearly depleted of fish. But one fisherman on the Maine Coast keeps bringing in the catch. Could his luck have anything to do with his strange new wife? Does his despondent father know anything? The people in power would do anything to find out, especially "The Committee," who has sent the fisherman's brother to reel him -- and his secrets -- in. Nature and weather are central characters in this compelling new drama about sustainability premiering at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis.
Penumbra Theatre Jitney
It's the 1970s, and regular cabs won't travel to the Pittsburgh Hill District. So the residents have to turn to each other, leading to the dramatic exploits of a group of men hustling to make a living as jitneys -- unofficial, unlicensed cab drivers. Jitney is the '70s installment of Pulitzer-winning playwright August Wilson's renowned cycle of 10 plays depicting African-American life in the 20th century. In this explosive play, a ragtag group of men work in a jitney cab company where tensions run high as the city threatens to shut it down to make room for redevelopment. The station owner Becker has other things to worry about, as his son Booster is about to be released from prison after 20 years. Other characters include the motor-mouthed Turnbo who meddles in the lives of his fellow drivers; Youngblood, a Vietnam War veteran and his girlfriend Rena; and Shealy, a numbers-taker who uses the station as his base. This gripping portrait of African-American life, penned by one of America's greatest writers, is onstage at St. Paul's Penumbra Theatre.
Lady and the Trump  
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre Lady and the Trump
Democracy can be pretty rough sometimes -- and that's never been more apparent than in the 2016 presidential election. But after over a year of twists and turns, arguments and emails, short fingers versus long fingers, the performers at Brave New Workshop are here to help you laugh the campaign pain away with their political satire show, Lady and the Trump. Nobody knows what bizarre and ridiculous things will happen as the presidential nominees duke it out for the White House, but one thing's for sure: everything and everyone will be satirized in this show at Minneapolis' Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre.
The Last Firefly  
Children's Theatre Company The Last Firefly
It begins with light, a sliver, a flash, then comes a sound, a pulse, a beat, a crash like a giant hammer smashing through the sky. Thus, the story of Boom, the son of Thunder, begins as he sets out on an epic search for his father, ultimately discovering his true self and the strength within him that always existed. This mythical adventure will transport you and your child on a fantastic journey where the littlest things can make all the difference in the world.
Million Dollar Quartet  
Old Log Theater Million Dollar Quartet
The musical captures the memorable day when four Rock n' Roll greats made music history. On December 4, 1956, an auspicious twist of fate brought together Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Elvis Presley at Sun Records' storefront studio in Memphis, TN. The man who made it happen was the "Father of Rock'n'Roll," Sam Phillips, who discovered them all. This was the only occasion the four legends-to-be played together, and it has come to be known as one of the greatest rock jam sessions of all time.
The Parchman Hour  
Guthrie Theatre The Parchman Hour
At the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, brave women and men of all backgrounds said goodbye to their families, boarded buses and headed into the Deep South to battle discrimination. Arrested and imprisoned in Mississippi's notorious Parchman Farm Penitentiary, these Freedom Riders endured by creating a nightly variety show called "The Parchman Hour." The Parchman Hour is a captivating play with music, one that reveals a defining chapter in American history while celebrating the hope and resilience of a community that joined together to stand against segregation.
A Raisin in the Sun  
Park Square Theatre A Raisin in the Sun
A Raisin in the Sun is the tale of the Youngers, a Chicago family on the hopeful brink of progress. When Walter Lee Senior passes, his life insurance payment promises opportunities for better neighborhoods and higher education, but Walter Lee Junior (Darius Dotch*) has his own dreams for the money. When his scheme unravels and the white neighborhood association objects to the family's move, they must decide what happens - in the words of Langston Hughes's poem that gives the play its title - if a dream is deferred.
Romeo and Juliet  
Theatre in the Round Romeo and Juliet
In this ageless story, the vitality of Shakespeare's magnificent poetry turns dark and heartbreaking. This tragedy of two young lovers from feuding families was one of Shakespeare's most popular plays during his lifetime, and one of the most frequently performed ever since for its iconic writing, passionate romance, and universal appeal.
Sense and Sensibility  
Guthrie Theatre Sense and Sensibility
Full of humor and emotional depth, a fresh adaptation of Austen's treasured novel opens the season in a bright, bold and theatrical way. Set in late 18th-century England, Sense and Sensibility centers on sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, whose lives are turned upside down when their father passes away suddenly, leaving them penniless and with reputations at stake. Together the women must learn to mix sense with sensibility to find happiness in a society where love is ruled by money.
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts STOMP
STOMP has been a staple for decades, and it never ceases to amaze. Everyday objects -- matchboxes, hubcaps, brooms, buckets, garbage cans and pretty much anything else you can think of -- become vehicles for brilliant music and unique rhythms, all performed by an energetic eight-person troupe that dances and pounds their away across the stage. The show also features comedic moments and lots of audience participation, placing you right in the action. The percussive sounds that will fill St. Paul's Ordway Center For the Performing Arts are unlike anything you've ever heard, and it's amazing to think that it's all coming from stuff you can find laying around the house. Just resist the urge to create your own at-home performance -- your neighbors might not be as impressed.
The Sunshine Boys  
Discovery Auditorium The Sunshine Boys
An affectionate and hilarious look back at the golden age of vaudeville, Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys has been a crowd-pleaser since it premiered on Broadway in 1972. The comedy centers around Lewis and Clark, two longtime entertainment partners whose career and friendship came to a sudden and acrimonious end over a decade ago. Now Clark's nephew convinces the former duo to resurrect their most famous routine for a TV special on the history of comedy, and hijinks ensue as the cantankerous coots try to work together despite their feud. This production from the Buffalo Community Theater will be staged at the Discovery Auditorium.
Teen Idol: The Bobby Vee Story  
History Theatre Teen Idol: The Bobby Vee Story
1959. With the tragic crash of Buddy Holly's plane, a bright new star from Fargo emerged. Fifteen-year-old Bobby Velline performed at the Winter Dance Party in Moorhead, MN the day the music died. Bobby went on to record his first hit single, Suzie Baby, in Minneapolis - and soon would become a teen idol appearing on American Bandstand with Dick Clark and an international star who thrilled audiences for more than a decade with Top 40 hits like Devil or Angel, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Come Back When You Grow Up Girl, Take Good Care of My Baby and many more. Follow Bobby's musical journey that includes fellow pop stars like Little Anthony & The Imperials, Ronnie & The Ronettes, Dion, and Del Shannon.