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Busytown the Musical  
Children's Theatre Company Busytown the Musical
It’s all so terrifically busy and so wonderfully witty: boogie down with Huckle Cat, Mistress Mouse and the entire population of Richard Scarry’s Busytown in a cabaret-style musical of puppets and people—and Lowly Worm pops up in his apple car too! Written by local treasure Kevin Kling, Busytown takes the delightful characters to an unexpected place: a town where hustle and bustle, madcap and a hint of mayhem means full-blown fun for everyone in the family.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged  
Bloomington Center for the Arts The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged
A wild comedy born from the improvisation of the original creators, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged deconstructs all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays in one evening! Experience the Bard’s plays like never before with Titus Andronicus as a cooking program, the History plays as a football game and more. Filled with pratfalls, puns, willful mis-readings of names and dialogue and clunky female impersonations, this show is for Shakespeare lovers and haters alike. Praised as “Intellectual vaudeville” from The New York Times, “Rollicking, fast-moving and hilarious” from the The Guardian and “Fresh, energetic and funny. A wild and silly frolic” from Pia Lindstrom, WNBC-TV.
The Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Show  
Courtyard Marriott - Minneapolis Downtown The Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Show
A favorite across the country, The Dinner Detective serves up a tasty whodunit along with a seated four-course dinner. And since this popular comic murder mystery is set in the present day, you'll never know whether someone at your table is one of the talented cast of improvisers. In fact, everyone's a suspect, including you. The event starts out with a reception featuring tray-passed hors d'oeuvres, followed by the meal, which includes salad, an entree and dessert. Between courses you can expect plenty of murder, mayhem and hidden clues coming to light as you puzzle through the crime. Everyone gets a commemorative mug, and the top sleuth wins a prize package at the end of the evening -- not to mention serious bragging rights. For more info and a sample menu, please see the full event description.
The Doyle and Debbie Show  
Actors Theater of Minnesota at Camp Bar The Doyle and Debbie Show
What happens when you hitch your star to a loose cannon? Well, in the case of The Doyle and Debbie Show, hilarity ensues. Doyle Mayfield is a washed-up country star desperate to make a comeback after 30 years of certified has-been status. He's been through multiple wives and vocal collaborators -- each dubbed "Debbie" for the sake of the act -- and nothing's clicked. But when Doyle sees a single mother of three belting out a beautiful tune at a VFW hall he realizes he may have finally found the "Debbie" that could turn his life around. The Doyle and Debbie Show delivers big laughs and 16 original songs, including "Barefoot and Pregnant," "Blue Stretch Pants" and "When You're Screwin' Other Women (Think of Me)."
Encyclopedia Show Minneapolis  
Word Sprout at Kieran's Irish Pub Encyclopedia Show Minneapolis
Live music, mascot dancing, movies, stories and more -- it's all part of the monthly variety extravaganza Encyclopedia Show Minneapolis at Kieran's Irish Pub Titanic Room. Each month, Encyclopedia Show commissions artists and experts from a wide variety of disciplines to showcase their individual talents and create a collective tongue-in-cheek encyclopedia entry. A new topic is tackled for each performance, from video games to flightless birds to the periodic table. Hosted by spoken word artist Allison Broeren, and featuring fearless fact-checker Levi Weinhagen, the show's been lovingly described as "nerdcore vaudeville."
The Glass Menagerie  
Lyric Arts Main Street Stage The Glass Menagerie
Few theatrical debuts have trumpeted a writer's genius louder than The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams' first successful play. Tom Wingfield's a poet struggling with a mind-numbing job and a smothering home life. His overbearing mother, a former Southern belle, constantly pushes her son to bring home "gentleman callers" for his painfully shy sister. When Tom finally produces a male visitor, the guest's presence sends shockwaves through the family -- and the fragile fantasy world they've built is irreparably cracked. Full of poetry and longing, The Glass Menagerie was inspired directly from Williams' own experiences as a young man in St. Louis.
Hello, Dolly!  
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Hello, Dolly!
Dolly Levi is a delightfully scheming busybody who makes her living as a matchmaker in glamorous New York City. She's out to make a match for Horace Vandergelder, the "well-known half-a-millionaire," with the charming hat maker, Irene Molloy - but in the process, Dolly snares a groom for herself. Dolly masterfully orchestrates romance and adventure in a glittering mixed up night on the town.
If We Were Birds  
20% Theatre Company at Nimbus Theatre If We Were Birds
In If We Were Birds, playwright Erin Shields channels her views about war through the lens of the Greek myth of Philomela, who's raped by her warrior brother-in-law, Tereus, and their subsequent transformation into birds. The wryly poetic one-act play is an unflinching, sometimes shocking commentary on modern war and its devastating aftermath, particularly for the women who become its victims. Winner of the 2011 Governor General's Award for drama, this beautiful and brutal work deftly blends horror, humor and human understanding.
Life Could Be A Dream  
Old Log Theater Life Could Be A Dream
From the writer/director/producer of the smash hit The Marvelous Wonderettes comes this 1960s musical comedy follow-up. The doo-wop quartet called The Crooning Crabcakes -- the boy group once banned from the Springfield High School prom in favor of the Wonderettes -- sets out to finally find their own path to the top of the charts by entering a radio talent contest. This family-friendly show features plenty of fun banter, along with such classic songs as "Stay (Just a Little Bit Longer)," "Runaround Sue," "The Great Pretender," "Tears On My Pillow," "Unchained Melody," "Earth Angel" and more.
The Mystery of Irma Vep  
Jungle Theatre The Mystery of Irma Vep
The energetic escapade features Lady Enid and Lord Edgar, a long-suffering housemaid, a dubious farmhand, and enough vampires, mummies, ghosts and werewolves to create an irresistible evening of murder and mayhem. During the fast-paced show, Greenwald and Cartmell play all eight characters, continuously changing costumes, wigs, characters and genders, plunging in and out of disguises and doors with lightning-quick dexterity (aided by a nimble behind-the-scenes team).
The Rainmaker  
Yellow Tree Theatre The Rainmaker
Yellow Tree Theatre's seventh season kicks off with N. Richard Nash's The Rainmaker, a longtime stage favorite for a reason -- it's got romance, drama, humor and even a little magic. The story revolves around farm girl Lizzie, whose marriage prospects and dreams of escape are as dry as her family's drought-ridden farm, despite the best efforts of her dad and brothers. Enter the fast-thinking, smooth-talking "rainmaker" Starbuck, who seems to offer the answer to all their problems -- for a price -- but whose interaction with Lizzie allows her to see herself in a surprising new light. First debuting on Broadway in 1954, Nash's funny and poignant American classic shows the power of hope over hardship.
Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash  
Plymouth Playhouse Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash
This rocking country jukebox musical celebrates the songs of an American music legend: The Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash. Ring of Fire includes performances of such Cash classics as "Folsom Prison Blues," "A Boy Named Sue," "Jackson," "I Walk the Line" and, of course, "Ring of Fire." Without impersonation, the show presents Cash's music in authentic fashion. It also pays tribute to him with dance, comedy and stories. Ring of Fire was created by Tony Award-winner Richard Maltby Jr. and conceived by William Meade.
Sexy Laundry  
Park Square Theatre Sexy Laundry
After twenty-five years of marriage, three kids, stress and responsibilities have taken their toll on Alice and Henry. Preoccupied with their careers and family, the once-happy couple have to come to terms with their disappointment and frustration. Armed with a copy of Sex for Dummies, they check into a trendy hotel in a last-ditch effort to jumpstart their marriage. Will Alice master the fine points of tantric massage? What if Henry decides he isn’t into leather? While sharing erotic fantasies and exchanging recriminations, the couple reckon with their midlife crises as they search to renew the strength of their marriage.
Strumply Peter  
Open Eye Figure Theatre Strumply Peter
Heinrich Hoffman, a 19th century German physician, composed dozens of cautionary poems (Slovenly Kate, Sammy Sweet Tooth, Screaming Annie) seeking to entertain his children and teach them to behave lest they befall the fates of the n'er-do-wells in his poems! Hoffmann's rhymes lay forth the fates of "horrible" children who don't bathe, eat only sweets, refuse to clean their room, pull the cat's tail, won't listen to their parents, and cry their eyes out. In Open Eye's Toy Opera children are whisked away by Strumply Peter to a world where the cautionary warnings come to life. What better fodder for the Open Eye stage to inspire a parade of puppetry, toy theatre, larger than life characters, all accompanied by a miniature music hall band!
The Underpants  
Theatre in the Round The Underpants
A respectable couple in 1910 is watching a parade when it happens – Louise’s undergarment accidentally falls down to her ankles. She pulls her bloomers right back up but now everyone is talking, and the scandal of it all threatens her husband’s career. Comedian Steve Martin adapts this classic German farce by Carl Sternheim – which was banned in 1911 – into a wild and ribald satire.
The White Snake  
Guthrie Theatre The White Snake
Tony Award-winning director Mary Zimmerman brings an ancient and beloved Chinese fable to life in a dazzling new adaptation hailed as “strikingly beautiful” by National Public Radio. Based on a story as popular as Cinderella, The White Snake chronicles the tale of a gentle serpent spirit who lives for centuries coiled on a mountaintop. One day, she transforms herself into a beautiful young woman and, with her feisty companion Green Snake, travels down to the world of humans where she unexpectedly finds love and vows to remain a human forever. But when a vengeful monk discovers her true identity, he becomes determined to destroy the life and love that she’s built. Funny, moving and stunningly staged, The White Snake is a ravishing theatrical spectacle that will enchant and delight young adults to the young at heart.
The Wolf of Walmart  
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre The Wolf of Walmart
If you thought Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street was outrageous, the Brave New Workshop offers its own comedic spin on pop culture, politics and everyday life in its 285th production, The Wolf of Walmart. Not ones to follow the pack, this talented group of writers and actors hunts down the humor in the most unexpected places in its new collection of sketches and songs. Experience their high-risk, high-reward approach to satire that makes the Brave New Workshop so popular.

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