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The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera
Orpheum Theatre
Thru - Jan 5, 2014

Show Information

Orpheum Theatre

Star Tribune- Recommended

"...The famous chandelier also is present, and when it crashes, shards of (plastic) glass hit patrons. “Phantom” is still very enthralling."
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Rohan Preston

Twin Cities Daily Planet- Recommended

"...The story alone is bizarre, but it's the music that makes Phantom great. The new production focuses on modernizing the set design (by Paul Brown), but the music remains untouched. Mark Campbell as The Phantom, Julia Udine as Christine and Ben Jacoby as Raoul do justice to classics like "Think of Me," "The Phantom of the Opera," and a personal favorite "The Music of the Night.""
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Morgan Halaska

Twin Cities Pioneer Press- Recommended

"...Phanatics who liked the show precisely the way it's been since 1986 might grouse at the changes in "Phantom," but when the curtain rings down, the show remains what it's always been: A sweeping, overwrought collection of earworms and high emotion that leaves little room for middle ground: This is a show you either love or hate."
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Dominic P. Papatola

How Was The Show- Recommended

"...This The Phantom Of The Opera is advertised as a “new production.”  I can’t speak to this, never having seen the show before, but I would offer the opinion that there is enough intensity and pure talent at work here to make reseeing the show well worthwhile.  And if you’ve never partaken of The Phantom, by all means, spend the dough and go.  You’ll be happy."
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John Olive