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The Sexual Life Of Savages
The Sexual Life Of Savages

The Sexual Life Of Savages
Walking Shadow Theatre Company at Minneapolis Theatre Garage
Thru - Dec 14, 2013

Show Information

Walking Shadow Theatre Company at Minneapolis Theatre Garage

Twin Cities Daily Planet- Recommended

"...I don't mind a production leaving me with questions. But if you're going to tear something down, at least leave me a couple of building blocks with which to create something new. Of course, one could argue that any script that prompts discussion of the ridiculous status quo is a good thing. But can we please let the women talk now?"
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Matthew A. Everett

Twin Cities Pioneer Press- Somewhat Recommended

"...In matters of the heart and loins, that seemingly simple math is more like advanced calculus -- lots of variables, a fair amount of uncertainty and plenty of room to make mistakes. And that is the point of "The Sexual Life of Savages," a new play by Ian MacAllister-McDonald being staged by Walking Shadow Theatre Company. It's not a perfect presentation, but in approaching the subject with a maximum of humor and insight and a minimum of titillation, the play does a great deal well."
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Dominic P. Papatola

How Was The Show- Somewhat Recommended

"...Unfortunately, Ian MacAllister-McDonald's play, to put it mildly, disappoints. The major character, Hal (Joe Bombard), is a reedy nebbish, a jealous, insecure, and thoroughly unlikable worm who "slut-shames" his decent girlfriend, Jean (a terrific turn by Meghan Kreidler), by obsessing on her past sexual dalliances: "You had twenty-five lovers?" he exclaims, shocked. "You mean you don't consider fellatio to be sex?!" He alienates Jean into an angry departure then turns to the wonderfully dorky Alice (Clare Parme), a neurotic quasi-artist with a fake accent; she claims that Hal's innocent kissing is actually attempted rape. Bye-bye, Alice."
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John Olive

Aisle Say Twin Cities- Recommended

"...The fact that Sexual Life of Savages, the Walking Shadow Theatre Company's 2013-4 season opener, is able to ask these questions in such a thought-provoking way is due entirely to MacAllister-MacDonald's realistic characterizations, Amy Rummenie's fine direction (she makes the 2+ hours fly by) and the spot-on performances by all five actors. As Hal, Joe Bombard manages to say some inexcusable things without losing the audience's sympathy, and Meghan Kreidler gets to the core of Jean's strength and personal conviction. As Hal's swinging friend Clark, Nicholas Leeman strikes just the right balance of exuberant sexual bravado and affection for his friend, while Megan Dowd is sharp as Naomi and Clare Parme plays Alice's awkwardness with an earnestness that belies her character's eventual revelations."
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Sophie Kerman