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  Acting Black at Lowry Lab Theatre

Acting Black

Lowry Lab Theatre
350 Saint Peter Street St. Paul

Written and performed by Carlyle Brown, directed by Noel Raymond, and presented by Illusion Theater, Acting Black is part spoken-word performance, part stand-up comedy and part Ted Talk. It comes complete with a PowerPoint presentation and inspiration from the styles and traditions of the likes of Richard Pryor, George Carlin and the outrageous Lord Buckley. In it, Brown riffs on the roots of American racism and its consequences for all of us. You'll laugh out loud while being hit where you live: in the gut. Acting Black explores the appropriation of the African-American narrative through performance and traces the birth of its beginnings from a single individual on a specific night in Louisville, Kentucky in 1828, to the racial conflicts we still experience today. Don't miss this timely and entertaining show at the Lowry Lab Theater inside the Lowry Building in St. Paul.

Thru - May 25, 2018

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