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Flavio Betrayed  
Lyric Arts Main Street Stage Flavio Betrayed
Throwing in some modern flair to this traditional commedia, Flavio Betrayed is a convoluted romantic tale that follows our protagonist Flavio, whose best friend is trying to steal his woman. At the same time, her father is trying to marry her off to someone well past his prime ... still following? This fast-paced physical comedy at the Lyric Arts Main Street Stage is loaded with disguise, deceit, insults, romance, friendship, and plenty of stinky cheese.
Park Square Theatre Hamlet
Devastated by his father's death and disgusted by his mother's hasty marriage to his hated uncle, Denmark's Prince Hamlet (Kory LaQuess Pullam) has hit the rock bottom of despair. Now the ghost of his father appears, claiming the uncle murdered him - driving Hamlet to avenge a crime that may or may not be a product of his own imagining. Explore Shakespeare's definitive psychological murder mystery through a new lens. Within a stark contemporary setting and an atmosphere filled with modernist music, Sass takes us on a journey into the mind of Hamlet. A diverse cast, with women playing some traditionally male roles, adds a new dimension to characters you may think you know - but will see in a new way.
Henry and Alice Into The Wild  
Park Square Theatre Henry and Alice Into The Wild
Henry and Alice: Into the Wild is a riotous follow-up to the smash hit Sexy Laundry, and our favorite married couple is back in another laugh-a-minute comedy. When Henry loses his job, he and Alice are forced to reconsider their dreams for a comfortable retirement. In an attempt to make the sparks fly again (and keep costs down), they forgo their usual summer cottage for a humble campsite and a copy of Camping for Dummies. John Middleton* returns to Park Square to reprise his role as Henry, this time joined by another Park Square regular, Carolyn Pool,* as his wife Alice. Melanie Wehrmacher rounds out the cast as an interloping family member.
Livin' La Vida Lutheran!  
Plymouth Playhouse Livin' La Vida Lutheran!
With a mix of music, comedy and a little help from the audience, The Looney Lutherans are on their way to the Plymouth Playhouse to share some age-old wisdom for healthy living -- the Lutheran way (but you don't have to be Lutheran to love 'em). As this trio of wacky gals promotes a new cookbook and "lifestyle guide," Use Your Food. A Guide to a Healthy Holiday, From Our Kitchen to Yours, Eat Like a Lutheran!, this funny show delivers segments about everything from the Lutheran food wheel (all roads lead to hotdish) and the ideal exercise routine to Lutheran beauty tips and more. Enjoy the good old-fashioned fun of this show, which has been cooked up one of the writers of the hit Church Basement Ladies musicals, at the Plymouth Playhouse.
The Music Man  
Bloomington Center for the Arts The Music Man
A well-woven story of redemption set against a backdrop as American as apple pie makes The Music Man an indisputable classic. Fast-talking con-man Harold Hill creates fanfare in River City, Iowa, when he convinces the town's parents to pony up for uniforms, instruments, and more for a children's band he's going to lead. But there's one catch: he knows next to nothing about music. Planning to make a speedy departure with money-in-hand before River City gets to the bottom of his plot, Harold is waylaid by an unexpected connection with the town's young librarian. With a sweeping, unforgettable score, The Music Man asks all of us what we'd be willing to stick around and fight for.
Sam's Son  
Art House North Sam's Son
Step back into the days of bootleggers with some complimentary draft root beer and German pretzels as you take in the new Prohibition-era Americana musical Sam's Son. In a tale loosely inspired by the Bible's story of Samson, the unnaturally strong Sam Jr. and his reverend father are forced to reckon with hard truths when a Prohibition agent comes to town in search of dark secrets. A handful of musicians provide a live soundtrack on the piano, mandolin, banjo and upright bass for this production at Art House North -- a 100 year old former church in St. Paul's West Seventh neighborhood.
Wedding Band  
Penumbra Theatre Wedding Band
A frank depiction of a forbidden interracial love affair remains provocative stuff to put onstage in this day and age; imagine the stir it caused when Alice Childress' Wedding Ban did it in 1962. This intricate examination of race, class and politics tells the story of a black seamstress and a white baker who wish to marry in the Jim Crow South. This couple will risk security and safety for love at the Penumbra Theatre in St. Paul.