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Age Against the Machine  
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre Age Against the Machine
Brave New Workshop is thrilled to kick off its 60th anniversary season with a best-of show, featuring flashbacks to some of its funniest and most relevant material from recent (and not so recent) stage shows. From sock hops to death drops, Age Against the Machine will bring the Minneapolis comedy theater troupe's funniest moments to the stage one more time. Watch BNW cast members Lauren Anderson, Denzel Belin, Ryan Nelson, Tom Reed and Melanie Wehrmacher remind you just why theirs is one of the longest running satirical theaters in the world.
Dancing With Giants  
Illusion Theater Dancing With Giants
Starring Broadway, film and TV star Tovah Feldshuh (The Walking Dead, Salvation, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Dancing With Giants is a story of bravery and friendship based on actual events just before World War II. Three very different men -- a New York boxing manager, a German boxing champion and an American boxing legend -- form an astonishing bond. For their friendship to survive, they'll weather the storm of ruthless manipulation and slander from Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minster of Propaganda and Enlightenment. The riveting and entertaining theatrical adventure at Minneapolis' Illusion Theater covers 30 years of fascinating history in just 90 minutes.
Theatre in the Round Emma
In this lively adaptation of her famed novel, Jane Austen herself steps on stage to shepherd her delightful characters through the pitfalls and surprises that await them. Emma Woodhouse attempts to marry off her trusting young friend Harriet to all the wrong people while nearly missing out on true love herself. Set in an English county peopled with unforgettable comic characters, Austen's comic masterpiece is one of the great beauties of the English language.
Fearless Five: Conspiracies  
The Historic Mounds Theatre Fearless Five: Conspiracies
Fearless Five is the annual short play festival produced by Fearless Comedy Productions, where five writers, five directors and a multi-tasking cast work in a group to hone their existing talents and develop new skills. This year's show, Fearless Five: Conspiracies, centers on conspiracy theories. Some writers have honored the classics while some have given life to new theories altogether. Bring an open mind (and maybe a tinfoil hat) to the Historic Mounds Theatre in Saint Paul.
My Mother Has 4 Noses  
Gremlin Theatre My Mother Has 4 Noses
In this moving mother-daughter love story Jonatha Brooke uses stories and songs to recount caring for her mother in the last years of her life. Her mom did have four noses, at least as many names and an indomitable sense of humor. She was a published poet, a clown, a Christian Scientist, and she had Alzheimer's. In their final two years together, the two Brookes would mine the daily goings-on for theater. This show, performed by Brooke, is the poignant result.
Picasso at the Lapin Agile  
Chameleon Theatre Circle at Gremlin Theatre Picasso at the Lapin Agile
From the mind of Steve Martin comes a hilarious, if improbable, meeting of the minds. In the city of Paris. At the dawn of a new century. Pablo Picasso (Justin Cervantes) and Albert Einstein (AJ Swanson) engage in intellectual warfare in a rundown bar. Each is on the cusp of world-changing revelations and as the wine flows so flows the absurdity and profundity. An evocative look at great people through a century.
Sister Act  
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Sister Act
SISTER ACT tells the hilarious story of Deloris Van Cartier, a wannabe diva whose life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a crime and the cops hide her away in the last place anyone would expect - a convent! Set around the Christmas holidays, Deloris helps her fellow sisters find their voices as she also rediscovers her own in a sparkling tribute to the universal power of friendship.
Til Death: A Marriage Musical  
Art House North Til Death: A Marriage Musical
Marriage is funny. And fraught with drama. And therefore lends itself well to musical comedy. Which is what makes 'Til Death: A Marriage Musical the ultimate theatrical Valentine's Day treat. The hit musical returns after another nearly sold out run at Art House North in Saint Paul, featuring the theatrical and marital talents of two real-life-married couples: Jeremiah and Vanessa Gamble and Damian and Anna Leverett!