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Pray the Gay Away  
Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts Pray the Gay Away
Pray the Gay Away tells the story of Michael and Zach Zakar coming out to their mother, who is a potty-mouthed, gay-hating, devout Catholic. This hilarious off-Broadway production takes a comedic look at the Arab-American twins' journey from awkward and closeted teenagers to sexually active men who are out and proud. A collection of outrageous characters helps the Detroit Twins navigate the twisted paths of their first hook-up, creating a Grindr profile, discovering they accidentally slept with the same man, dating, jail, and of course the Bible!

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The Lab Theater Domino
Crash Dance Productions presents Domino. The Dreamer. The Socialite. The Boss. The Con. In Domino, 13 unique personalities converge in an interplay that establishes a hierarchy of vulnerability and influence. At the start of each performance, dancers will blindly select who, among them, undertakes the role of the Con: anyone could be the villain, no one knows who it will be, and every performance will be different. When identities collide, some rise to power, and others become prey; but when a real Con is playing the game, it's only a matter of time before they all fall down, one by one.

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Young(ish) at Heart  
Ames Center Young(ish) at Heart
The Looney Lutherans are a trio of wacky gals who use music, comedy, and help from the audience to share their tips for aging humorously in Young(ish) at Heart. This interactive comedy event includes the game show What's in Your Lunch Box? (hosted by your favorite luncheon meat); musical advice for dealing with those aches and pains; and creative tips for keeping fit, because Jello isn't the only thing that jiggles. Material is comedic and family friendly, and you don't have to be Lutheran to love it! Getting older may be a "pain in the neck", but laughter is good medicine. Celebrate being Young(ish) at Heart with the Looney Lutherans.

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